Perhaps you read the earlier blog about our 128 core a-X2P “laptop”. While it’s smaller “64-core laptop” sibling is very portable, the a-X1P Portable Dual EPYC Workstation PC you’d really enjoy more on a hard surface anywhere you need to go.

If you caught Tom’s Hardware article on our a-X2P Dual EPYC Portable Workstation PC or the posting on wccftech, you can see why this is such a popular computing solution. Our a-X1P provides up to 64 cores like our 64 core a-XP Threadripper portable also featured on Tom’s Hardware, but with up to 2TB ECC RAM you get error-correcting capability of ECC RAM and the 24/7 stability you want when working with massive data sets or renders.

AMD is now the undisputed server and workstation CPU performance leader. AMD’s currently available flagship EPYC 7742 offers 64 cores to Intel’s Scalable Xeon flagship Xeon Platinum 8280 CPU with 28 cores. This means for some $3,000 less the EPYC 7742 will provide more than twice the performance, and this margin widens with the just announced AMD Third Gen EPYC “Milan” CPUs, including the flagship AMD EPYC™ 7763 (available soon).

The a-X1P is ideal for any situation where server-level processing power and mobility is required. On-location production and post-production, and field work analyzing massive data sets such as software composition analysis or fully multithreaded scientific or engineering workflows, the a-X1P Portable will provide up to 600% more CPU and GPU processing power than any laptop currently available.

a-X1P | Portable EPYC Workstation PC Features:

  • AMD EPYC 7002 CPU (up to 64 cores)
  • One full size, full height NVIDIA GPU, such as the 24GB NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090, Quadro RTX or Tesla GPU (2x Quadro RTX 4000 available on request)
  • Additional PCIe cards (2-4 depending on GPU selected)
  • 1 m.2 NVMe drive, PCIe NVMe storage, eight SATA3 SSDs or three HDDs for storage
  • Up to 2TB DDR4 3200 ECC RAM
  • HD display (17.3″) with resolution of 1920 x 1080, 60 Hz refresh rate and a brightness of 300 nits standard
    TPM 2.0 for security
  • Dual GbE or Dual 10GbE native (RJ45) available

The standard configuration is for a single GPU, as heat is a factor, though we have tested and configure with dual Quadro RTX 4000 GPUs. It’s important to note higher RPM fans are required with dual GPUs or single cards like the Quadro RTX 6000 or RTX 3090 to keep such units cool under load. While not loud this generates over 35 db sound in our experience.

The a-X1P Portable EPYC Workstation PC comes with a single HD 1080p display with 300 Nits brightness, making it very useful for live remote production and post production. In addition, our Portable Mediaworkstation chassis are made with heavy duty steel, rubber corner standoffs, and each features a mechanical keyboard with built-in trackpad which folds up onto the display for transport. Each mediaworkstation portable also comes with a wheeled soft-shell carrying case, and we can build a custom, laser-cut foam Pelican or SKB hard-shell case for ultrasafe transport of your a-XP, a-X1P or a-X2P, providing you with waterproof, maximum impact protection on the road.

Our portables come with 1 to 3 year warranties, and our typical turnaround time on builds is 15-20 business days. If you’d like to go over your needs together or get a quote, reach out to us and we can schedule a time to discuss your needs at a time that works for you.