We are all going to be out of the office tomorrow for a product shoot and interviews in Ojai. We are excited by the talent we have onboard for the shoot, which will be a big part of our website re-design.

You may have noticed we now have the NVIDIA Geforce GTX Titan Black Edition in stock for all orders shipping after 3/15. With 899 MHz – 980 MHz core speed, 2880 CUDA Cores (Stream Processors) and 6GB of 1750 MHz GDDR5 RAM, this is the Best Video Card for DaVinci Resolve, and Best Video Card for Adobe CC available. It is also the best video card for Octane Render, and it’s safe to say the best graphics card for the money on the market today. All mediaworkstations, from our i-X2 to i-X to i7-X will accommodate up to 4 x GTX Titan Black GPUs with PSU upgrade.

If you would like support configuring your next workstation, please fill out the free configuration page and submit ASAP with your workflow percentage of use by program and we will get back to you promptly.

4/6/14 ADDENDUM: Special thanks to Greg in Seattle who reminded me BE SURE THE GTX TITAN BLACK IS SUPPORTED IN YOUR CORE APPS. I am perhaps not saying something you already know to do, but some companies, Adobe among them, can be slow to get around to adding support to new GPUs already on the market. You also probably know how fiendishly difficult it is to get the GTX Titan Black right now….