What Computer Is Best For My Needs?

This is the question we get most from our visitors. There are so many factors – applications, file types, workflow, networking, storage. How do you determine what is best for you? We think there are essentially three possibilities:

1. Spend weeks, maybe months of time looking online for what is best, researching benchmarks, user feedback that’s current, manufacturer specs, and a host of detailed information such as BIOS settings, CPU settings, appropriate RAM allocations per core, GPU configurations and type … it’s a pretty vast landscape.

2. Just buy what HP, Dell, Lenovo or Apple are selling, or

3. Speak with an expert

For the past 8 years, whether you are a CG or MoGraph artist, editor, compositor, colorist, designer, scientist or engineer, or even if you wear some hat we haven’t yet seen, we have helped you by configuring, building and testing hardware optimized for the work you do. We have also tracked component failure info these 8 years, and so can provide you mediaworkstations and servers with tested reliability and performance under grueling conditions.

Our 60-minute consult is designed to answer your questions, so you have complete information and can make an informed decision about your investment. If you’re like most, this is a $5,000 – $50,000+ decision which directly impacts your productivity and that of your team for the coming 3-5 years.

If you have questions about Davinci Resolve optimization, require 6K/8K workflow analysis, bottleneck diagnostic and/or consulting for 2+ workstations, our 60 minute consult is ideal for you.

The cost for the 60-minute consult is $197, all of which you may apply toward the purchase of any mediaworkstation or server with us. If having the most powerful, cost-effective and reliable hardware for the work you do is your goal, this is the most important step in that process. Investing your time and money with hardware professionals having deep expertise in the work you do is perhaps the best investment you can make in your purchase. Even in fields where we don’t have deep experience, we know which questions to ask to assess your hardware needs, and where to find answers which provide an optimized solution for you.

If you’d like to schedule a consult, please select the consult which best suits your needs and we’ll send you our consult confirmation form to book your appointment. All times listed on our site are Pacific Standard Time (PST), so please compare with your local time when considering which consult times are best for you.

For an even faster response call us: 424-235-7479, 9AM to 6PM PST M-F to schedule your consultation. Thank you for reaching out to us – we look forward to helping you make a sound investment in hardware optimized for the work you do.