30 08, 2019

Houdini Software System Requirements And Benchmarks – Cache Disk and RAM – Part II of III

Last week we shared Part I of III exploring Houdini Software System Requirements, we looked at how different hardware configurations performed rendering Flip, Grains and Pyro scenes with a focus on Houdini’s built-in render engine Mantra.  Today we present Part II in the series, the role of cache disk and RAM in a Houdini

2 08, 2019

Mid-Year Check-In

Even though it's summer, and you're probably thinking about the beach, the mountains or maybe a road trip with friends and family, summer is a good time to reflect. Though it's certainly not always the case, things often move a little slower in summer, and it's a good time to do a quick mid-year check-in.

24 08, 2018

The Fastest PC for ZBrush, and Fastest PC For Keyshot: Introducing the 32 Core AMD Threadripper 2990WX

If Zbrush and Keyshot are core applications tools to the work you do, then CPU is the deciding factor in performance. ZBrush and Keyshot are multi-threaded apps, meaning generally speaking the more hi-speed cores you have, the faster your jobs will get done. While a dual Xeon configuration can give you a speed advantage with

26 07, 2018

BlackMagic eGPU: Mac Media Pros, Tim Cook (and Grant Petty) Are Not Coming To Save You

It may be genetic at this point with "Apple" products: beautiful, quiet hardware designed for media professionals, which makes little difference in the key metric: performance. While something of a PC vs. Mac conversation, we did want to take a brief look at the new Blackmagic eGPU pro and con, and compare it with more