19 01, 2018

Academy Award Winning VFX, To VR To XR – nPhinit CEO Jeffrey Jasper (Part I)

Part I of II: Our interview with Jeffrey Jasper, CEO of nphinit, LLC. a company doing entertainment technology development for international markets. Former CTO, New Deal Studios, winner of Academy Award for Best Visual Effects on Interstellar. Christopher: Jeffrey Jasper. Jeffrey: Hey, how’s it going? Christopher: It’s going good man, how are you doing?

27 10, 2017

GPU Rendering with OctaneRender – Tom Glimps, Pt. II

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Image: GPU Rendering, OctaneRender, by Cornelius Dämmrich   PART 2: OctaneRender Hardware Christopher: Let’s pick back up re GPU rendering with OctaneRender with workflow considerations, and best hardware for OctaneRender. As we both know, hardware choices depend on the user and needs, software, how you use that software and how much that software makes up

21 08, 2017

GPU Rendering with OctaneRender – Conversation with Tom Glimps

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PART 1: OctaneRender Software CJ:  Hi Tom.  Thanks for making time today to talk about OctaneRender.   TG:  Hello, Christopher. My pleasure CJ:  Why don’t we start with the basics.  What is OctaneRender? TG:  OctaneRender is GPU-accelerated, unbiased, physically correct and easy to use spectral render engine. Before Octane we had mostly biased engines

26 02, 2017

Fastest Computer For Photogrammetry

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Want to learn how our products can improve your photogrammetry times? Give us a call at 424-235-7479 and we'll assess your workflow and recommend the best configuration for you. Stephen Alvarez is a remarkable photographer and customer fully embracing the immersive 3D experience afforded through photogrammetry in his site