Introducing Business Financing with

We can help you build the best custom hardware solutions for the work you do, and support you with financing at up to 0% interest. Some of the options and benefits include:

  • Low monthly payments
  • New Equipment every 2-3 years
  • Warranty coverage on all products
  • Latest technology, on your budget

Financed i7-Xs and i-X2s, for an advertising agency in Chicago

The latest technology for your business. Pricing that works for you.

i-X2 or GPUx from $279.99 / mo.

All your hardware. One monthly payment.

With financing you’ll have the latest technology and just one monthly payment. Ask about financing with our 90-day multiple purchase windows.

Reliability, Best-In-Class Performance

Every Mediaworkstation you own is built part by part from the finest components available, and is backed by an up to five year warranty.

Anything happens, you’re covered. For tools you use every day, that’s the kind of coverage you want.

Payment terms normally range from two to three years with monthly payments, but we also offer shorter and longer payment terms as well as quarterly, semi-annual, and annual payment plans. Our process is quick and convenient with simple lease applications, prompt quotes, pre-approvals and competitive rates and includes direct support from experienced finance professionals assigned to help you.

How It Works

  • Send us your request or RFQ
  • We send lease quotes
  • On acceptance we send formal term sheet

We’ll then

  • Submit term sheet to the underwriting team
  • 2 business day approval process
  • On approval, forward your formal lease docs to you

Once the executed docs are received, your P.O. is issued. then begins building, stability testing and usually within 14 business days shipping your new state-of-the-art hardware to you.

Let’s Get Started

We’re glad to help you design the optimum hardware architecture for your business, and help you apply for financing. Just use the form below to submit your request, or call us directly at 424-235-7479 to discuss how we can help you finance your new custom hardware today.