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For single users whose primary application is Octane Render, the i-X is the most cost-effective and best hardware for OctaneRender. If your workflow includes applications whose performance is CPU-centric and multi-threaded, it may be that a Xeon STUDIO solution i-X2 will best fit your needs.
i-X Mediaworkstation
With media artists and designers for whom Octane Render is core part to their workflow, the i-X is the ideal workstation. With up to 4 onboard NVIDIA GPUs, high clock Intel Extreme CPU, the i-X is the most cost-effective OctaneRender Certified Mediaworkstation.
Studio Octane Render Certified Workstations include multi-use and dedicated rendering solutions with dual Xeon CPUs, enterprise-scale system RAM and the option of NVIDIA GeForce or Quadro Graphics Cards. NVIDIA Quadro solutions provide greater VRAM, increased reliability and stability for ultra demanding GPU rendering scenarios.
i-X2: Our most popular dual Xeon mediaworkstation, the i-X2 features best-in-class hardware, server-grade stability and reliability.
Our Enterprise OctaneRender Certified Servers are the most powerful GPU rendering server solutions available. Ideal for multi-user, multi-use and 24/7 rendering needs, they feature NVIDIA Quadro GPUs for the fastest rendering server needs and enterprise GPU rendering deployment.
Our fastest GPU rendering server, the GPUx can accommodate up to 10 double wide Quadro or Geforce GPUs and up to 24 front hotswap SSDs, combining the fastest asset management server needs and real-time rendering needs with the most demanding models, layer-dense media and resolutions of 4K, 6K, 8K and higher.

To get specific questions answered about your workflow needs, please email us at sales@mediaworkstations.test or call us directly at 424-235-7479.