Freedom of expression – in 4K, 5K, 6K or 8K.

Real-time editing capabilities like you’ve never had.

Expand. Upgrade. When & How You Want.

Have you been accustomed to waiting for years for your legacy hardware maker to adopt useful hardware? The latest, fastest technology is plug and play ready with all mediaworkstations, including wares by AJA, Blackmagic, areca, LSI to take your cutting experience, your storage, and video I/O, and expansion solutions to a new level. You can install, we can install. You let us know what’s best for you.

Premiere Pro CC.

The new version of Premiere Pro CC is powerfully re-engineered to take advantage of GPU acceleration and provide feature-rich editing capabilities to your projects.


Model. Sculpt. Realize.

44 Cores. 24GB of video memory. 1TB DDR4 2400 RAM. YOU have the bandwidth for creating and manipulating complex textures, models, fluids and simulations in ways you never have before.


Available 22-core Intel Xeon E5 v4 processors — literally create new possibilities for your work, and this includes creative iteration at the speed of you.


Network storage via 10/20/40/GbE, Infiniband or Thunderbolt 2 give new asset resource and workgroup flexibility and speed.


Real. Time. Creativity.

Whether GPU acclerated or CPU accelerated, real-time, photorealistic rendering is now available deskside. See how the i-X2 compares.

Connect to next-generation peripherals at next‑generation speeds.

100,000 Polygons? No sweat.

With the new i-X2 you can work with up to 4 displays. Or connect a 4K display — you have all you need to see your creations in all their glorious, spine-tingling detail.

NVMe Storage.

Up to 10x faster than SATA solid‑state drive. That’s right – 10x.

Thunderbolt 2.

Fast. Daisy-chainable. Rock and rollable. Did I say that?


The beauty of working in 4K.

200 layers? In 6K? Bring it on.

Speed up your workflow.

With up to 8 GPUs in a single node, whether in the server room or at your desk you have extraordinary resources to support the magic of compositing. Feature film and television post, Prores or DNxHD conversion into EXR or DPX files to composite and stitch for VR – you will realize new levels of creative work capacity and productivity.


Power With Saturation And Contrast.

The rapid ascent of powerful color tools like Davinci Resolve demand powerful computational abilities and many PCIe slots to accommodate the supporting hardware, from internal and external RAIDs to Thunderbolt to Multiple GPUs, 10/20/40GbE and more. .


Plugins Schmugins.

The newi-X2 can handle every instruments, sample, and loop you need immediately and not even break a sweat.

I/O To Ohio.

Rock out with Avid, Apogee, M-Audio, MOTU, Universal Audio and more.

Technical Design & Scientific

More cores. More power. More data.

Huge data sets, simulations, MATLAB to Wafer Fab are no problem with 44 cores and up to 1TB of 2400MHz ECC memory.


Parallel computing via the GPU – it fully leverages GPUs and multicore CPUs to accelerate your workflow. Whether Analytics, Astrophysics Simulations, Genomics, Computational Physics, Computer Vision & Machine Vision, Supercomputing, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality or Custom CUDA implementations, GPU computing blasts the ceiling of traditional compute capabilities wide open.

Display The Details.

Every Mediaworkstation and server has the capability of displaying four, 4K displays at once, huge single displays or video walls. What you need, when you need it.


Special financing.

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