Has been some time but it’s not because we’re taking it easy. Many new clients including some enterprise-level opportunities with some big brands and new horizons for us which we are very excited about.

Maybe some of you saw Greg Estes at IBC2013 showcasing the 12GB Quadro K6000 debayering 6K footage in real time with HP and Dell workstations. Our entire line of mediaworkstations.net custom computers are faster than comparable HP and Dell workstations at lower cost. We also now have the Quadro K6000 in stock. For those whose core work is Adobe Creative Cloud, 2-3 GTX Titans will still likely serve you better.

We are also in the early phases of building a “portable” render farm for media professionals, scientists, engineers and others who need powerstation level compute power day in and day out. Stay tuned, and thank you for your support.