Recommended Hardware for Unity

The i-X is the recommended hardware for Unity, Unreal Engine and Adobe CC. It’s also our fastest workstation for Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro, fastest workstation for Autodesk 3dsMax, and recommended hardware for Autodesk Maya.

Composite with Nuke supported by Intel i7 or Intel i9 Skylake X CPUs: 8-core i7-9800X to 10-core i9-9900X to 18 core i9-9980XE. Model in Cinema 4D with ease. Ready previz or final render from your desktop. With system RAM up to 128GB DDR4 2666MHz and up to 4 Geforce, Quadro or Radeon Pro GPUs the i-X is optimized for GPU rendering and GPU accelerated workflows.

Disk i/o is also key and the i-X offers expandability and performance. Configurable with the fastest m.2 SSD options, space for up to eight 3.5” HDDs (or 80TB local storage), and the ability to provide real time performance with 4K-6K resolution media, the i-X offers unmatched price-for-performance value.

Not sure what the best configuration for your application usage is? Give us a call at 424-235-7479 and we’ll help you configure your workstation.