Introducing the i-X2 — The Ultimate Workstation and your desktop render farm. With dual Intel Xeon E5 v4 processors and up to 44 cores, space for up to 10 solid state drives in a small form factor and NVMe SSDs like the M.2 Samsung 960 Pro, the i-X2 is a powerhouse solution for real-time performance with even 8K RAW workflows.

There’s more. With 7 PCIe slots for DeckLink or AJA cards, 10GbE to Infiniband interconnect and up to 4 GPUs such as the 8GB GTX 1070, 8GB GTX 1080, 11GB GTX 1080 Ti, 16GB Quadro P5000, 24GB Quadro P6000, or up to 7 AMD Radeon Pro GPUs, the i-X2 is well-equipped for heavy workloads with 24/7 reliability.

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