Hi All,

Quick post to let you know that we were at SIGGRAPH 2013 last week in Anaheim. I moderated a panel interview about VFX, cloud rendering and the latest graphics technology with some heavyweights of VFX in feature film:

1. Jules Urbach, CEO of oToy (famous for Octane Render)

2. Billy “Tunnel of Love” Brooks (VFX Veteran known for R2D2’s special effects in The Star Wars Series, Men in Black, X2, the new Space Station 76 and many other films; you will have to watch the vid to get the nickname)

3. Wil Braithwaite, Senior Applied Engineer, Film VFX, nVidia

In our 45 minute interview we explored the current state of graphics technology and rendering in feature film, Quadro vs. Geforce, to cloud or not to cloud, GTX Titan for rendering, end-user experience and current challenges in the feature film VFX. The heart of the conversation was photorealistic, realtime rendering and iteration especially using oToy’s Octane Render platform, which is transforming feature film VFX, the productivity of media professionals, game designers and animators everywhere.

Re our SIGGRAPH 2013 – mediaworkstations.net interview on our video page under the technology tab, we are editing currently and should have it posted by the end of the week.

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– Christopher