Home/Systems systems options include Intel Workstations (Xeon Workstation, Dual Xeon Workstation and i9 Workstation), AMD Workstations (EPYC Workstation, Dual EPYC Workstation and Threadripper workstation), Portable Intel Workstations (Portable Xeon Workstation, Portable Dual Xeon Workstation and Portable i9 Workstations), Portable AMD Workstations (Portable EPYC Workstation, Portable Dual EPYC Workstation and Portable Threadripper Workstation), Supermicro GPU Workstations (SYS-7049GP-TRT Supermicro GPU Workstation) and Supermicro GPU Servers (SYS-4029GP-TRT2 Supermicro GPU Server and SYS-1029GQ-TRT Supermicro GPU Server).

We build custom workstations – every day. If you want some option or feature you don’t see here, just contact us. Also, all Supermicro GPU Workstations and Supermicro GPU Servers are rackmountable – please reach out to us at 424-235-7479 or email for more information or to go over the configurations right for your needs.