The tide has turned. Our AMD workstation solutions, specifically Threadripper workstations and EPYC workstations, now frequently outperform their Intel rivals. Our AMD workstation selection includes the a-X1 single EPYC workstation and a-X2 dual EPYC workstation, along with our very popular a-X Threadripper workstation.

Our EPYC workstation models feature up to 128 cores (a-X2), up to 512MB combined cache for rapid access to large media or data files, and a CPU architecture which supports ECC RAM for 24/7 stability. Our a-X1 EPYC workstation offers up to 64 cores and 256MB cache with ECC support. Whether rendering massive models and scenes or crunching through data sets, our AMD workstation solutions are the most powerful available for fully multi-threaded workflows.

Our popular a-X Threadripper workstation features the new 3rd Gen Threadripper CPU, the first HEDT (High End Desktop) CPU to offer ECC RAM support for stability. The high frequency of the Threadripper CPUs, along with more modest cost compared to our EPYC workstation solutions, make the a-X Mediaworkstation an excellent solution when a RAM ceiling of 256GB meets your needs or you want more than 2 GPUs onboard.