Intel workstation selection features the i-X1 Xeon workstation, the i-X2 Dual Xeon workstation, i-X and VELO-x workstations. When demanding CPU workloads, multi-GPU configurations and 24/7 stability are called for, our Xeon workstation lineup provides expansive configuration options and powerful, custom-tailored solutions for your specific needs.

Professional designers, engineers and scientists worldwide rely on the leading-edge performance of Xeon workstations, which are built to deliver the ultimate workstation performance based on your application needs and requirements.

The primary reason for selecting a Xeon workstation is many cores supported by the stability of ECC memory to minimize any compute error or crash. Whether rendering huge scenes or working with large data sets, Intel Xeon workstations and Dual Xeon workstations are solutions you can count on.

In addition, our Intel Core i7 and i9 Intel workstation solutions the i-X and VELO-x are ideal for specific workflows, including GPU rendering at modest cost. The VELO-x in particular is an excellent choice for modeling design and animation, or with any application for which CPU frequency is the driving performance factor.