Our Portable Intel workstations are portable studios. Whether mobile Xeon workstations, mobile dual Xeon workstations or portable Intel Core workstations (quotes available on request), all provide the computing power of a portable server.

Built with heavy gauge steel, our Portable Intel workstations feature up to six displays, latest Intel Scaleable Xeon CPUs, up to 2TB of RAM and over 100TB of storage and more. Whether mobile Xeon workstation, mobile dual Xeon Workstation or portable i9 workstation, our portables will provide the compute power you need wherever you need to be.

The i-X2P is our mobile dual Xeon workstation and most powerful Intel Xeon portable for fully multi-threaded applications. The i-X1P is our mobile Xeon workstation, featuring a single Xeon CPU and up to 4 GPUs, and our i-XP features Intel Core processors with up to 18 cores, high turbo frequency capabilities and up to 2 GPUs at modest cost.

Whether color correcting or editing on location, rendering at a client studio, or you need the power of your server room at a remote location, our portable Intel workstations are powerful, rugged mobile compute solutions.