Our single Xeon Portable AI Workstation is the i-X1P. The portable version of our i-X1, this portable Xeon Workstation is ideal for field work of any kind, and comes with the latest Scaleable Xeon CPU, up to 2TB ECC RAM, m.2 NVMe drive and up to 8 SATA SSDs, plus 7 PCIe slots for up to 7 GPUs plus Dual Gigabit or 10 GbE LAN.

If your need is mobile, the i-X1P Portable Xeon workstation is a powerhouse solution – a portable AI Workstation and portable server designed for maximum CPU intensive compute on the go. TPM Module included with Windows 11 configurations free of charge.

Not sure what the best configuration for your application usage is? Give us a call at 424-235-7479 and we’ll help you configure your workstation.