On the occasion some two hundred forty two years ago today when we announced our independence from Britain, and the quarter finals of a truly wild World Cup, I’m announcing our Summer Clearance, checking in with some of what we are working on, and inviting you to share what you’d like us to explore.

We have four workstations on clearance at the moment, from a powerhouse a-X Mediaworkstation, to frequency-optimized a-X Mini and i-X Mini which are ideal for Adobe CC / CAD, Modeling and Animation work.


The a-X Mediaworkstation, with 16 CPU Cores and 2 x 11GB GTX 1080 Ti, is the fastest CPU rendering workstation and fast GPU rendering workstation at the lowest possible cost.  Whether in ZBrush or Physical Render with Cinema 4D, Arnold or ZBrush for example, or using the fastest GPU Rendering engine Octane or Redshift, the a-X we have on sale is truly priced for clearance and is the fastest workstation for multi-duty work which on clearance makes a great value an extraordinary one.

The a-X Mini comes with the Ryzen 1700 CPU and is ideal for those who want power with GPU Rendering in Adobe CC tasks such as transcoding as it’s equipped with the 11GB GTX 1080 Ti, or want 8 cores for CPU rendering and fast multithreaded processing for apps that harness this.

The i-X Mini comes with an overclocked i5-7600K and as such is a true beast with single threaded work, especially CAD, Modeling and much work in Adobe CC.  It also comes with the $1500 16GB Radeon Pro WX9100 Graphics Card, ideal from someone working with AMD ProRender for GPU rendering or hi-end precision graphic display needs, and may be the fastest graphics card for archviz and modeling now available.

Lastly we even have the i-OFC, a custom office PC with m.2 OS Drive and GTX 1050 Ti making it very fast for anything office related and a good solution for straightforward Photoshop work.

These units are first come first served and will ship within 2 business days of order placement!


We’re also updating GPU and drive pricing to make your configurations more affordable, and have begin work on dedicated pages for each of the core pro media applications you use, starting with Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop and a render engine TBD….

If you have a topic you’d like us to cover or address, please let us know directly at

Happy July 4th!